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k I've been shot down by guys twice in the passed day when trying to offer advice 0_o I'm about to stop helping guys...cus apparently ya'll have been with me my whole lives and know I couldn't possibly understand how you feel or know what the fuck I'm talking about *evil pissed off glare*
that, is not an attack..what that the truth. Never once did I address him or call him a name

go vent your period on someone else. god.
and it would probably be better if you didnt help the guys anymore, because everytime you do, someone says something to you, you take it the wrong way and explode. its fucking annoying.
those are attacks, you got personal....

but it still was unneccisary to attack zypher like that
the only thing here that is unnecesarry is you.

"An it harm none, do what ye will."
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