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Default Stranded on cloud 9

I was stuck in between my will.
Stuck in this nightmare, I can no longer stand it.
Floating alone on cloud 9, waitng as you answer my calls with a short"hello"
Waitng for you to realise how much I love you,
How much I care.
That Im being taken for granted here,
Dont shun me away like this, dear.
I was always there when it counted for you.
You were always there for me.
It seems like this thing is getting faker as the lover drains slower.
It sometimes helps to ease the pain with a needle and a thread, hoping
that you'll come back and no that you were never wanted dead.

I am stranded, aloof, on this cloud
I was floating ever so smoothly...
Until the tears came in and weighed down the cloud.
Then the cloud melted to the ground.
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