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ok first off...i am not a noob. well here i am, but...ah screw it call me a noob if you want.

Secondly your time line does not impress me because that all is very documented history and doesn't make you smart. it means you can google and cut and paste. not very impresive.

Thirdly you also have a tendency to to leave out facts and information to suite your own purpose. when i said i was a racist did you read the words imediatly following? nope other wise you would have caught my meaning. I said i was prejuduce to people who kill my people. If a group forms for the sole purpose of killing my countrmen, you bet i am going to hold a prejudice towards them. they tried to kill my people (the extremists) and want to again, therefore they (the extremists) deserve to die first.

Am i prejudice towards Al-qhieda? yes CAUSE THEY WANT TO KILL US!
am i going to sit change seats because they sit me next to a suidi on a plane? NO BECAUSE HE IS NOT TRYING TO KILL ME! now if he tells me he is going to take over the plane i am going to kick him in the nuts.


I was going to try to be civil and make amends, i was going to try to be nice and stop calling names, and explain what believes are. Instead you people assume since i differ i am the freakin devil. how dare you presume that i am a biggot with no good cause. the gloves are off!

The root problem of this is simple, and the same reason why minors can't vote. Your problem, my dear, that you are simply incapable of rational thought. My views have been layed out in narry a confusing way, only to be disected by you, and the snippets used BY YOU to label me evil to make it easier for you not to accept what i am saying as a possible rational point of view. Is that to complecatic to grasp? let me rephrase...You hear what you want to in order to justify your not accepting my view point. Kids like you going through puberty think with you emotions. Which is why you can't vote. you judge irationaly on the basis of "Feelings".

This is not an emotional matter, sweety. This is an objective subject tangible and physical. If it involves hurting people feelings in order to make me and my family safe from hostile people so be it. No one not guilty is being inturned, persecuted, and no racial crimes are being commited by OUR country.

What we are doing does not even come close to things done in the past. We are not recreating Nazi detention camps, or conducting medical experiments on the order of the jappanese Unit 731, nor are we arresting ALL american members of the arab race, simply for being arab like we did we the japanese during ww2. All that has happened is some feelings have been hurt. big friggin deal. my feelings where hurt when the WTC was attacked, and you know what some people lost their lives, and others lost what mattered most to them in THEIR lives...Their families. Do you think i give a shit about the feelings of people being inconvienced at the airport?

nope not a damn bit...not one tiny bit.

i'm sure that last line is enough to justify your emotional self i am a racist. I don't care, label me as you see fit. Just know i find nothing about you are what you say that belittles me or makes me feel unworthy of you. you are nothing but a silly little girl going boo-hoo-hoo.

That is all.
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