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Originally Posted by Othello
Whatever your views on this toogilwell, you still hurt my feeling's when you said you would move to a different seat if you sat by an arab. I find that racist. why? because you automatically judge that the arab was racist. dismising the fact that the chances of that person is a terrerist is 5000 in 7 billion. have a heart. Yes I call you a coward, sombody who judges an intire race, because of a small groupe of people is not the kinda person I want to know. you should be ashamed of yourself.
And i call you ingorrent and self delusioned, because if you read my posts you will see that nowhere did i say i would move. read that again please.

I WOULD NOT MOVE...I AM NOT RACIST got that. read my bloody posts please before you judge me please. thank you.

What i said was that thanks to historical actions and the hype from the gubment and media i would ashamedly be inclined to have a brief thought of weather this was a terrorist. But i would get over it pretty damn fast and probaly end up having a good conversation with this person.

Are you even reading my posts or are you just calling me names? And i am the one labeled as an asswhole. amazing
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