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You know this is pointles, you people have glossed over my intial point because you don't agree with it and can't argue it in any way. This is the same thing i see the liberal left do in debates all the way from local gubment all the way up to ole bushy boy. You can't reasonably argue an opposing point, so you begin to belittle and insult the person making the point. Kind of the same mentality of if "i can't with my toys no one can"

My being a flaming racist (in your eyes) aside. I wish to reiterate my point

Islamic exremists crashed planes into the world trade center and the pentegon

RICH Islamic extremists santioned the poorer extremists to crash the plane.

So you see however insulting it is to you...the people who killed thousands of americans(which i find offensive) where in fact Islamic Arabs. The same RICH Islamic Extremists are still to this day publicaly anouncing they still wish to kill us.

Ergo, it makes no sense to assume that an old irish woman is a member of the gorup that wants to kill us? Are all islamic Arabs extremists terrorists and want to kill us? Absolutly not. But the fact remains that the terrorists are in fact islamic which is an easy way to disinguish them from the 80 year old irish lady. Knowing that the terrorists are islamic, gives the authorities a means of narrowing the search. Please tell what is wrong with that and how it is evil. I call it detective work.

Seriously i am not trying to incite points just make sense.
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