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Originally Posted by Othello
So if you sat by me in a plane you would move. FUCK!!!YOU!!! I might look like a islamic person, but i was born and raised in AMERICA. So shove a dildo in your ass and leave vt you racist hipicrate.
OK this just proves my last post. you quote any of my posts where i said i hate islamic or middle eastern people please. One place. What i said was i hate islamic people that are trying to kill my people. just like i would hate a white person trying to kill my people.

You people just don't get it do you? And please show me where i am a hipocrate? Oh wait i guess according to your standerds, since i don't like arab terrorists, i don't like arabs at all. So according to your judgment i am a hipocrate because i am not racist.

You know you say you are look islamic? Maybe you are the racist person. how much self esteem do you have? You have to accuse people of being racist when they admit to hating only the killing portion that is a smaller sampling of the race.

Since youi "look islamic" you automaticaly assume that since i am a white american i must hate "those people like you" (offensive phrasing thrown in for effect)

Stop trying to read the non existent messege between the lines...and read the message. Oh by the way i happen to find arab women incredibly sexy.


lol kids, so argumentitive

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