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Her mother...sadly, wont do anything but tell her shes crazy.

shes afraid shes fat, shes not, but ever since she started shes gotten heavier...But I've gotta go for now, I'll update when I get back from my classes.

Ok...she said ever since she started shes gained weight instead of loosing weight, so I asked her like what time of the day she throws up and when she eats. It turns out she doesnt throw up right after she eats, so instead of her body just digesting the food, it stores it for when she throws up so it has somthing to use. Since shes doing it wrong, and her body is actulay making fat because shes throwing up a few hours after she eats. So I find myself in a pickle. Do I tell her this to get her to stop so she doesnt think she will be fat if she stops? Or might she than eat and throw up right away and continue to do it since she knows why it wasnt working?
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