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Lol exactly what am i afraid off?

Lets see middle eastern people? Umm not scared of them.
Muslims? hmm nope. not them either. have a few muslim friends in fact.
Black people? again nope
Indians? nope lot of their blood in me.
Hights? umm yeah actualy i am scared of hights
Spiders? you bet your booty i am a sissy around spiders. Coward there.
Middle easter Muslims? Nope. Wait, i am scared of the few that have tried to kill me. Why am i scared? umm cause they hit us hard and have said repeatedly they want to do it again. Cowardly, no way. If i see a middle eastern man with a bomb trying to blow up a bus full of babies you bet i am going to try to kick his ass. Of course panzy ass dolts like your self would probaly label me a racist for assuming the nice middle eastern man with the bomb was trying to kill people.

Again i ask you. what am i afraid off?
I don't really know why i am argueing this. It's futile. idiots like you will never get it. and idiots like me will never get it according to you. So why don't we just talk about the weather or something.

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