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I am kinda bittersweet when it comes to trains. On one side i love riding trains...all one of them where i live. On the other, i just don't see how a train could be more practical than other forms of mass transportation and shipping methods.

Seems to me that using busses would just be more practical. More routes, with out having to worry about a large rail infrastructure through the city. That means more accesability to the traveler. I guess subways would be the exception to that though. as for traveling between cities...air travel is tons faster (well was before all the security at apts now days and maybe not so talking about mag trains), and you can get tickets fairly inexpensive if you book in advance enough. Not to mention i think it is far more enjoyable...but i am kinda biased.

As for shipping of goods, i am not sure about this. Anyone know what it costs to ship by train apposed to trucks? I would think again trucking would be easier for the operator. i mean how many trains go through Bleu Oklahoma?

So like i said i just don't know if the cost would be worth it. maybe

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