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Just wondering how things are going for you Zelphyre? I hope theyre still going well

I agree with alot of the things Nykole (Elokyn) has said

When ppl tell you to eat healthily and excercise, they dont mean for you to all of a sudden cut out carbs, only eat fruit and vegetables and do an hour of exercise a day...everything is gradual, and everything is within reason...

What you're talking about is a lifestyle change. You need to change the way you look at food, and you're approach to meals and you also need to introduce exercise. (the smoking goes unmentioned because i have a feeling you know what you should do about that...i dont think you should have to be told...but its also something you have to decide for yourself)

I also just wanna say...i had this teacher when i was younger and she would always say, that when it comes to eating healthy, theres no such thing as 'cant'
First off, I can't eat many vegetables. The only vegetables I can eat are potatoes, corn, and peas. Anything else I can't eat. Whenever I try to, I gag it back up when I try to swallow it.
You could eat them if you chose to, but for whatever reason, you have decided you dont want to...whether or not you say you gag it up...its in your mind, you have decided you dont like them or they dont taste nice, so you dont eat them.
Which of course, you are entitled to do so...afterall it is your body ...
However, it is possible that you may want to change your mind...and if so, then it might be an idea, if you have it set so deeply in your mind that you 'cant' eat them, to go and visit your doctor and they will be able to refer you to a dietician or a nutritionist ...or someone like that...

It might also be an idea to think about what food does for you. Do you eat for comfort? or maybe because its something you have control over? Do you feel the need to eat everything on your plate because it would mean you were being ungrateful? Alot of things happen when we're younger that can effect how we see food now, so it might be an idea to think about it. You could maybe talk to your doctor or your dad about it aswell? There are also helplines that might help. By changing the way you look at food and what it does for you, can change what you eat and why you eat it.

Anyway, its good to see that you have breakfast though alot of ppl try and skip breakfast but breakfast kicks start your metabolism for the day and helps when ppl are trying to lose weight...

And from what you're saying your dad does the shopping?
Im not sure if you have already done so, but maybe you could try talking to him about this. Afterall, your health is at serious risk being overweight.
Maybe you could go shopping with him and pick out some foods that are slightly healthier than what you would normally have? A piece of advice however...try not to go shopping on an empty stomach...because then you end up shopping for your appetite at that moment in time, and not for the foods you are trying to eat

Ok next, the exercise part do you do any exercise at the moment? and by exercise, i mean something regular, like walking everyday to school or playing a sport or...?
If not, then start....and i dont mean start trying to jog around the streets for 2 hours everynight...
You should try what Cody said because its so true!
Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
Then just grab a discmen and go for a walk
dont pay attention to how far you've gone or anything just recoil within yourself and think, let your eyes glaze over and just....walk

I can go a good 6miles without even thinking
But if i pay attention to how far i've gone within 5 blocks i start to feel it in my legs

So NO paying attention!
Grab a discmen
...its surprising the benefits of something as simple as that can be and you can build it up gradually as Nykole said

Originally Posted by Elokyn
but you need to just exercise..if its only 2..3..4...5 minutes before you get tired..then you go until you get tired..and day it'll be 2 minutes you're working out..and the next itll be 3..before you know it you'll be able to go a straight 10..20....30 minutes.
You can build up the speed and the distance as you get more used to it

I know you said about having a bad back and that you arent able to do push ups....have you tried the half version push ups? instead of lifting your whole body you stay on you knees...heres a pic of what i mean:

I hope thats clear enough . Anyway, if not, you could always lift some weights to help build strength in your arms (and i dont mean proper weights, unless of course you have them lol ...but you can substitute things like bottles of water ) you could also do squats, lunges, just things like that...and you dont even have to do alot...just do what you feel able to.

The only thing is that doing it on your own (in your room or somewhere) requires more self-motivation then being with other ppl who could support you or encourage you to keep going...thats why, if possible, it might be an idea to try and start something you doesnt have to be strenous or energy consuming...i dont know what sports clubs or whatever you have where you live but its something you could look into right?

As i said before though, youre changing your lifestyle....if you start something that you find difficult to keep up with now, then its likely youll be unable to keep it going for long right?
However, you have already come far by admitting that there is a problem and by starting to do something about it. Just take one step at a time ...literally...when youre walking...but remember as Cody said "NO paying attention!" hehe

I would love to know how things are going for you


Edit: Omg, im sorry i didnt realise i had written so much. Sorry!
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