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Default Re: Vomiting Strand of OCD

Originally Posted by nebula View Post
The fear of vomiting is emetophobia, and often phobias can spiral out of hand when someone suffers from OCD. Maybe this is the case. As OCD can occur from any gene mutation (there’s not one set of genes that mutate in every OCD patient) maybe this could also be why? How long have you had int. thoughts surrounding vomiting? You say you’ve suffered with different int. thoughts ... how long does each different type tend to last ??
You're so right (how did you do that haha?) we're trying to figure out if it could be Emetaphobia - and OCD at the same time - especially as it's lasted for about 6 years! Usually they last for about 2-3, and then they change to something else. Could also just be my OCD getting worse as I go through adolescence. Thanks for replying
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