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ahh the Nazis. There are a few things you need to understand about the early days of the Nazi party.

1. Heir Adolf. Ole Adolf was an absolute genius...politicaly. true he was a madman and totally crazy but a genius none the less. He knew exactly what the people of war torn Germany wanted, and how to provide them with it. Say what you will about his murderous ways, but you have to give the man credit...this "Austrian Corporal" who LEGALLY took power of the entire Wiemer Republic, and disbanned it...making the people think that disolving the republic was a good thing! Amazing! Try that now days.

2. Nazi party itself and the SA. The Nazi party (basicaly a workers socialist party) relied heavily on a branch of the party called the Surmabteilubgen (Storm Troops) or the S.A. The S.A. was basicaly a party sanctioned group of ruffians and brawlers. The SA's mission was to supress other party activities, and later where responsible for securing votes and party members. They used violence and threats to do this. At the time Hitler became Chancellor, the SA numbered about 2 million (keep in mind the state Army was only allowed 100k soldiers) and was quite the influential force.

The "Brown Shirts" roamed the streets beat party doctorine into those who didn't agree. So you see, there was great incentive for the average german to join the party and agree with it's principles. "Agree with us or we rape your baby girl." Shoot i would join under those circumstances.

3. Racial Purity and the "final salution". Most germans were actualy disgusted by this idea. In fact most of the Nazi parties higher officials were equaly disgusted (in fact the leader of the SA, a man named Roehm was a VERY active homosexual). But, Adolf had so much to offer the german people they accepted it mostly.

Now the german people have a very serious sense of honor and duty which stretches back way into history. THEY FOLLOWED ORDERS. once Adolf became the government (legally mind you), they really had no other moral choice but to follow his ways. granted there are some sick freaks who obviously agreed and loved his murderous tendencies (umm himmler and mengele come to mind).

ok i have more to say but this is already way to long of a post. Arguments or discussion anyone?

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