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Some of the people know the girl who I have talked about asking out. Well, I had a dream yesterday, which wasn't really a dream, but seemed like clear-cut reality. The dream was that she has my first two children (but I don't know how many more after that, if any.) But, there is one problem. She was only 15 when she had the first one, and 18 when she had the second one. I was 17 with the first one, 20 with the second one (In the dream, I heard her talking about how old she was and how she shouldn't be having a baby and everything, both times.) I am guessing my ages because I am 19 months older than her. But it was so eery...everything was like...okay. The first child was born. I had previously dropped out of school (which is something I DEFENITELY don't want to do), and I had to work. She wasn't at the compulsory age to work in our state, so she couldn't. She went from the christian school she goes to now (which she hates) to going to school for teen mothers. She moved in with me and my sister (who by this time will be 28, and my niece will be 9.) We slept on a futon in the living room until I was legally emancipated one month b4 the first kid was born. We moved into an apartment, and I continued working. (this dream is so eery in detail) We somehow kept food in the house, and her and I both transferred to an independent study school in the downtown of our city (which I know exists) We graduated, but neither of us went to college. Money was tight, but we made it. Then, I had lost my job one day, she was 17 and I guess i was 19. I came home, and she told me she was pregnant again. She had the baby a few months after turning 18, so I guess I was 19. (trying 2 guess here) and we had to live off unemployment and ended having to move to a crappy ass apartment. We moved back in with my sister, I got another job, we moved again, and we were in the middle of moving when she went into labor. Our second child was born, and I turned 20 not too long afterward; it was soooo weird. We then moved to a different city, and then the dream ends after she turns 19 and she told me that she needed to go to the drug store to buy another pregnancy test.....woooo! I am beginning to believe that this dream is going to happen. I'm not scared: maybe God sent this to me to let me know, I don't know. But the dream seemed like real life. I woke up not knowing that I was dreaming.....sooooo fucking weird! I know this was stupid to put here, but I guess this has something to do w/relationships, and I really needed to spill b/c it is so creepy lol.
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