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Default Need some help for a friend

Well first of all hey guys, I haven't been here in a while, but I've got somthing to ask.

The other day I found out my friend is bulimic...she told me shes going to stop and shes not. I promised her I woulden't tell anybody, and I'm not going to. But she really needs to stop before it becomes a habit for her body. She said shes been doing it since 8th grade, and shes a sophomore now. She said it isnt a thing that her body makes her do yet, just out of habit...I find that hard to beleive after 3 years of her doing it that its not a habbit. Does anybody have any ways that I can help her quit doing it, or anything to help her? I really love her and she really needs to stop. Any ideas will appreciated. Anything to get my friend to quit killing herself like this.
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