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Default Super Heroes!

Hey everyone! Jazbo here with a new, hopefully interesting idea.

Super heroes and comics have become a staple in society, they have been tempered and held their own through the years. Super heroes and catchy, cliche storylines are still dearly beloved by everyone making the comic industry one of the most successful to ever exist.

Characters such as Spiderman, Superman, The X-Men and more modern characters even such as Spawn and Hellboy have had a special place in the hearts and minds of every person. However, what truly goes into developing a proper character? It starts with just a shell, its the stories that bring him/her to life though! For example, it was ten long years of developing Hellboy as a character before a simple two hour movie could be released about him; can you imagine!? That is a decade of banging out nuances, refining traits and creating a compelling figure.

I have been looking through and studying all sorts of comics, super heroes, that stuff. I was thinking of developing my own old school-type hero and/or villain. However, I think it would be fun to hear your all ideas (if you have them) for a super hero/villain! Please keep in mind the laws of comic creation and format of such comic character created by McFarlane Comics, DC Comics, Marvel, etc.

So everybody, get to development and see what you can come up with! Have fun with it and see how popular this will get!

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