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Default what happened here??

okay, i've liked this guy for as long as i've lived here we'll call him turtle since thats his nick name...okay well like i would flirt with him to get the message across and he asked me a while ago if i liked him..and i told him i did cuz i didn't want to lie and he's like okay and we went on with normal lives like it never happened and we were friends...a few months later he asked me if i still liked him and i told him i have since i moved here and stuff..and he said well i've liked you for a long time too..nothing else was said on that subject and finally a few weeks later he asked me out..not knowing he went out with a girl 2 days before cuz i was out of town and when i found out i was too happy about him asking me out to care..from then it all went down hill, i was the one who had to talk to him and ask him to do stuff and like everything!!!! and then 12 days later he says i like being single better sorry..and it ended but then a few days later he said i payed more attention to other people, when he would walk away from me whenever i attemped to talk to him! so now he's going out with another girl...but i like him....SOOO MUCH! and idk what to do about it like even tho he like screwed his best friend over for the girl and he kinda hurt me alot to the point where when i see him my heart feels like breaks 1 million times more and i wanna cry am i supposed to move on..

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