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Default My...sad... relationship story and question

theres this girl in school that i really like. i mean really. i dream about her and everything... but earlier today i found out that a friend of mine likes her too and that he might ask her to the homecoming dance thats coming soon. i cant let her go. she has the perfect blonde hair that is curled just a tiny bit at the end, and the bluest eyes that shock me from the inside out everytime she looks at me... but ive had a history of realationship problems. my first girlfriend and i broke up because we fought CONSTANTLY. now we're just friends. then there was this girl that i really liked, and she liked me too... but then my friend screwed it all up when my friend asked her to dance with me at one of the dances, even though i had told him not to. i saw them walking over and just froze. then ran. i had to avoid her the whole three hours. at the end i even resorted to desprate acts like hiding behind the dumpster and saying that i went back there to talk to a friend of mine. after that she branded me with the nickname "dumpster kid" because she didn't know my real name yet. anyway, we got to know each other and now we are friends and act like none of it ever happened. i dont want that to happen with carly. any suggestions?

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