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Default this isnt consiterd is it?

i dont do this like most people but i did this once...

i was bored one night it was like 3:00AM and i was playing with one of my empty klonopin container things (i take the disolvable ones) and i just drew a nazi insignia on my leg with it and i mistakenly pushed to hard and it left a red mark that i had to cover up with a band-aid. i didnt mean to cut my leg. but somtimes i am just bored and i take my finger nail and like draw on my self with my nail. (i dont cut them often, im a biter). i just wanted to say this cuz i want other people out there to know that if you do this it isnt bad. but it IS bad if you take a razor and slit your wrists or play tick tac toe on your stomach for fun, or to get rid of pain.
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