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Originally Posted by Tyrant
I dont think I fully understand your question... Are these websites that only teenagers can access? Or are they websites containing Teenagers that only teenagers can accesss?
if this is directed at me...

its websites containing teenagers (real ones)
only for teenagers (real ones)

basicly i could even set up the security or this site. just got to make a forum on a website and make it so the admin has to screen every regestration and do checks to check age. all the pics will be on the forum

Nah, not me. I'm not pro-life at all. I'm pro-you-shutting-the-hell-up. Maybe if you had read the caption below the picture a little more closely, your would have understood that I frankly don't give a shit whether babies are aborted or not. There are pro's and con's to each. For example, if more babies were aborted, less babies would bug we while I was eating my country fried steak in Denny's. If they wern't aborted, there would be more 16 year old harlots having to pay the consequence of having sex before they were ready to have children. Either way, I win.
i am not talking about a teenage hardcore sex site. i want a just nude pic site. kinda like <REMOVED>
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