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Default A whisper in my ears.

A storm is coming througuh,
pack your bags and all your belongings.
A tornado is about to hit.
His eyes are as blue as the ocean.
His vioce is no more than a whisper in your ears.
His confinement has kept in a declining plateau his whole life.
All of his emotions are about to spin.
It is recommended that you evacuate the area.

A wind is being heard.
It whispers in such a paculiar way.
The tornado's heart is bursting out fake smiles and mesmorizing artwork.
Dark colors of the tornado collide.
forming a cloud full of posoin.
The cloud EXPLODES!!!

Only a whisper follows,
did anyone notice this?
Am I a different person now?
Can you here me god,
It's me, Austin.
Im hurting to begin again.[/i]
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