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Default My story that I would like some replies on.

Hi and I am Maddi.

Okay. Some lady died and her son was this guy that i likes step dad. okay so Im at the house while they're plannin the funeral and I meet this guy and I didn't like him at the time. Then that night we went to the funeral home and somehow ended up outside. There was this other guy that had given me a note that happened to have the same name as this guy and i showed him a note that the other guy gave to me exclaiming "I like you!". Next thing I know I'm being chased around by this guy and he is exclaming "Which ___ Do you like?" I never answered him. Problem is, I like him now. Plus his girlfriend treats him like crap. And I'm going to the fair with him soon. I need to know if I should bring up the question again...So..Should I?
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