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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

Once there was a man who was upset by his past deeds that he decides to visit a church & confess all of his sins. When he arrived at the church, he walked to the confession area & spoke to the pastor.
" Father i am sinful",
" Yes son just tell me what have you done the lord will forgive you."
" Father i have a steady relationship wit my girlfriend, itz been three yrs & nothing serious ever happened between us. Yesterday i visited her house, nobody was at home except for her sister. We were alone & i slept with her."
" That's bad my boy. Fortunately you realize your mistake."
" Father last week i went to her office to look for her, but no body was around except for one of her colleagues, so i slept with her too."
" That's not very good of you."
" Father last month i went to her uncles house to look for her no body was arroung except for her aunt & i slept with her too."
"Father?......" " Father?...." Suddenly this guy realized that there was no response from the father. he walked over & discoverd that the pastor was not there. So he began searching for him, " Father... Where are you?".
He searched high & low & finally found the pastor hiding under the table behind the piano. " Father Why are you hiding here?" " Sorry son, suddenly i realized there is no body arround here except me."
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