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Originally Posted by Cr0oked.Butterfli__x

I, too, am unhappy with the way I look and am actually going through depression because of it. However starving yourself is not a diet it's ridiculous and unhealthy.

Honestly you could have a couple of apples for breakfast or toast with a little butter on it - maybe combine the both - just drink only milk or water, snack on only fruit, or pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds, perhaps Ryvita for your lunch and salad.

And eat a proper healthy meal for your dinner - not overloaded with starch or carbs but vegetables and try to eat a quarter or third less than you would normally.

It sounds as though you have exercise covered with your you just need to make some diet adjustments and you'll be all fine.

Also, talk with your parents. Fruit and Veg doesn't cost a lot - particuarly if bought from a Market - and it will do you much better in the long run.

Though this all depends on if you're willing to change the eating habits of a lifetime to provide healthy and happy years with yourself, being comfortable in your own skin and not having to call yourself "fucking fat".

...okay, I'm done.
I some how doubt your depressed about your weight... As I said in my last post, just laugh about it, reconize the humor and go along with it.
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