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Default Re: Do I weigh too much?

Originally Posted by teencrazykid
I think I do. b/c I don't always have an accurate scale, I could weigh anywhere from 190-210 lbs, b/c I frequently drop and gain weight. I weighed myself two days ago at 205 lbs, and I'm 13, and I am "5'6 1/2"
I know-way too fucking fat. Maybe an anorexic diet would work......
Oh quiet woman. I'm overweight sure, I'm ugly as fuck when my shirt is off. Do I let this bother me? No. Why? Because I don't care. I make fun of myself sure, but I don't let it bother me. You know what I've been doing though to "lose the weight"? I stoped eating snack foods and strated to eat stuff high in protien like yogurt an' shit. It's good shit, and it's hella good for you. Hell, I eat some fried chicken the other day and almost throw up because I found all that grease in it to be to much for me.

In short, put a happy face on, laugh about it, and eat right kid. It works for me; I've lost a shit load of weight in the last year.

Ah yes, anerexia is not the way to go... It can cause some serious shit.
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