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WARNING!!: Reading this post may cause the following effects: Death, blindness, anal leakage, mental retardation, and other rare but serious effects(explosive diheria). Do not read this if you are, or could be pregnate or nursing an infant child. Ask your doctor if any of these symtoms occur.

The most annoying song, and possibely the wrost one in the whole of all bad music is a song by rapper "R. Kelly", "Trapped in the closset".

Posibely the most god awful abomanation that mainstream music has created. The worst thing is this, that ass hat is being praised for his lackluster attempt at a moronic song about a gay dude, a ganster, and a cheating wife. My god I should drop everything right now, pull out a rug, and pray in the general direction of where R. Kelly is standing right now, because he is liek so omigwad awsemoe!

Yeah, I hope he dies.
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