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There is nothing wrong with what you do at all.

As long as you do these things you do not allow them to take over your life completely, then it's fine. I'll right out tell you all, I'm a sinner. I'm guitly of the worst "sins" in teh bible, does it make me a bad devil whroshiping hevan? No, no it does not. I am quite the contrary. I'm a good hearted person, always looking for the good in people, and I always do my best to make those around me feel good about themselves. I even put myself done around others so they can feel better about themselves. That's just me. I will sacerfice my own well being for others around me. I am not selfish, and I'm very patient when it comes to certain things. Point and case, I need glasses, but we don't have the money for them. Now I have been in dire need of them for the past year or so, have I complained about not having them? No. Though I have asked plenty of times, "When am I going to get glasses?", I do understand that money is tight. Unfourtently though, my sister does not understand this one bit. She does not even realize how money works in this country, and is always bitching, "Why can't we get a new car instead of driving around in this crappy looking Handia that get 30 miles to the gallon in the city, but still looks like shit? Why can't we get a hummer!". Yeah...

My point is this, it does not matter at all what religion you are, you can still be a good person with out it. I am the example of this.
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