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I do believe in I a good christian?

pre-marital sex, pleasure, pride, even shame are all my cup of tea....(I re-read this...first part makes me sound like a slut haha .....I have sex with my boyfriend who I have been with for 7 months..thats the ONLY person..for the rest of forever)

Quite honestly I don't wanna look more into my religion because I'm afraid that I'll find out that I don't believe in God....and then what?...everything I've heard since I was born just dissapears.....I've been through loads of crap and something has helped me through it it be God or just good fortune....though it has gone through my head..where was God when I was being talked down to and beaten and raped....*shrugs*

Christians are like..the root of hypocricy (forgive my crappy ass spelling..I'm tired) My church is full of dicks...seriously..there's may be a handful of good people in that church..the rest are all too busy talking about everyone behind their backs to even realize that they're shitheads

"An it harm none, do what ye will."
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