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Default How do I stop wanting girls?

Iíve considered myself bisexual for a long time.Iíve had sex with several guys, but very few guys elicit romantic attraction. Itís mostly sexual. Iíve been on several dates with girls but never made it past 2nd base.

Anyway, for the last few months Iíve been craving a relationship with a girl. I havenít had one since I was 15. Just seeing a beautiful woman can make me emotional. I just wish I had one to share my life with and be super close to and hold at night. But considering how poor my luck with them has been since high school, never making it past a date or two in five years (and I have no idea what Iím doing wrong), and how few matches I get on tinder, itís clear that thereís something wrong with me, and from what I can tell itís bevause Iíve become too desperate. I canít help it, I just crave love and I hate it. Itís gotten me nowhere. I wanna be like my roommate and not give a shit about it and get so caught up in something that I canít think about it. I have plenty of hobbies but none of them have truly filled that void, if anything they just expose me to couples and make me jealous.

I just started Klonopin and I hope itíll calm my nerves and help ease the painful thoughts, but itís too early to tell. Just seeing an affectionate couple in public irritates me and makes me envious and sometimes sad. I just wish my brain would shut up. Iím tired of screwing a small handful of guys with no strings attached. Iím ready to move on, but it seems almost impossible for things to change.

I donít hate myself, I think Iím pretty cool. Iím just frustrated with myself for being such a little bitc h and craving something so first-world and unnecessary. Any tips?
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