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Default Re: Harsh Rules Agianst Discrimination

Originally Posted by NewLeafsFan View Post
I don't believe that claiming that you are 'miseducated' is an acceptable reason for hate speech.

I would not expect mods to read every post before they are published. I realize that only so much can be done. But there are several members that I have reported and have seen their posts removed up to 5 or 10 times. I just don't understand why they are still able to be members.

Maybe the issue isn't the rules but rather how they are being enforced and lack there of enforcement.

If you are debating something you should be able to back your opinion with a fact, example, or something. I'm not complaining because I disagree with certain opinions, but because the language, and offensive/incriminating statements are unacceptable. If it something that you would get suspended for if you said at school, you should face some form of discipline from the forums.
Iím gonna play devilís advocate here and say that respect is important however school environments of safe zones have produced a culture where individuals canít deal with the real world that mean and bad people do succeed in life, sometimes fabulously successful.

My best advice is to always respond to even hateful comments with:

Mmhm, and why do you think thatís is? Or justify that point of view.

All nasty stereotypical beliefs all stem from some origin of truth, and I think thatís worth examining the trace of hownhuman logic gets from point A to point Z.

If they continually go on a hate rant well then at that point report to a mod and appropriate action is taken. Itís also boring to respond to hateful comments, just treat haters like clowns if they arenít going to respond.

Getting a rise out of you is what trolls want, and in some cases like in the in real life election via twitter retweets, you canít even verify your talking to a real human, which means a rudimentary AI program triggered an emotional response. Who you gonna rage at; a piece of computer code?

People itís the internet it is important not put mental blocks in place when socializing anywhere in online.
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