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Default Re: Harsh Rules Agianst Discrimination

I understand what you mean and I try to find an adequate answer to give here.

As already said by @ImagineRepublicCity it would be difficult to filter everything i.e. having a mod reading every post before it is published. It would greatly hinder all forms of discussion. Therefore you have the "Report Button" for every forumer to note staff if you find a post that is against the rules.

There are of course forum rules against discrimination of all forms if you read through the FAQs.

Nevertheless putting them into practice isn't always satisfying for everyone for sure. You have to accept individual opinions and freedom of speech from all kinds of different people with all kinds of different backgrounds. Sometimes people also state things not because they are evil but simply because they are miseducated about issues.

So even if I totally understand where you coming from as I said as a starter already,I feel harsher rules won't be really necessary or even possible.
And even if we had stricter rules, the enforcing of every rule will consist of an individual subjective component and therefore never be completely neutral and just.

As an active member you can work on making this forum a safe and welcoming place for everyone by reporting things that go wrong, informing staff about people you feel are trying to discriminate and last but not least by helping to educate those who try to spread hate speech about how they are wrong. Common sense and airtight arguments are the keys to this here and not stooping down to their level.
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