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Default Harsh Rules Agianst Discrimination

It is really upsetting to read some of the comments that people post against minorities on this website. I am thrilled about the support that gets offered to the LGBTQ2 community, other people are being discriminated against for a large variety of reasons. The most common being religious.

Everyone's religious believes are valid. It is so unfortunate to see people trying to spread their own person hatred towards certain religions. Particularly I am speaking for Muslims. As a practising Catholic, I feel the need to stick up for those that are being judged based on their beliefs. I have come across horrifying statements claiming that Muslims worship stones, have insider plans for world domination, are all terrorists, and even that they possibly fly to hell to have sex with the devil.

For those who don't have Islamic friends and have yet to do their own research and study on the Islamic faith, I have and I can assure you that it is a beautiful religion. Many Muslims that I am privileged to call my friends are not associated with ISIL or other terrorist group, they have no plans for world domination, and they certainly don't have sex with the devil. They are good people like the rest of us.

To my knowledge, the only thing that the moderators do with these comments is delete them. But by the time they get deleted, the damage is often already done. People have often already been offended. It is my hope that if someone is caught making these comments repeatedly, that they get banned. The forums needs to set a stronger example. There must be less tolerance for this and other types of bigotry.

To the people that have made these statements both inside and outside of the forums, you are not Christians or Humanitarians, but YOU ARE COWARDS.

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