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Originally Posted by MoveAlong View Post
Why would it be an innapropriate post?
What probably happened (if this was your first orgasm), is that your cum didn't come out during the orgasm. So it stayed in there, and when you went to piss, it came out then. This could be either caused by 1) you can't produce enough cum to make it come out easily, or 2) you're not used to orgasm, and it all of it didn't come out that time.

This happens to me sometimes, especially when I have a dull orgasm or hold it in. After awhile, this'll go away. Does this keep happening? If it doesn't, it's fine!

Remember, if something weird happens to you only once, and then after a few days it stops and there's no problems, it's probably nothing to worry about! =]
as far as fetishism goes, its more like things not so much as being caught but like bathroom play, fantasies, role plays, insertions, exhibitionism, and other things like enjoying feet or earlobes... (my girlfriend is crazy over earlobes)

Spreadin' the love like I always do! <3
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