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Originally Posted by Maxismax123 View Post
Okay, so I share a room with my stepbrother so almost every time I masturbate, he's in the room (asleep) and I love thinking "Oh my gosh! He can wake up any second..." but when I masturbate and he's not in the room, it's a bit less satisfying.

Is that a fetish?
I don't think your issue is a fetish but rather evidence that you are a risk taker. My guess is that possibility of your getting caught adds excitement when you masturbate when your step brother is in the room whereas when you are alone the level of excitement goes down accordingly.

My suggestion is that if your step brother has not hit puberty yet, then avoid masturbating when he is around. It will create a terribly awkward situation for you if he catches you masturbating as you will be forced to explain to him what you were doing.

If your step brother is older than you or around your age, then you should really be mindful of his feelings. As much as it would probably gross you out to see your parents engaged in sexual activity I am sure that it would be equally uncomfortable for your step brother. I would only masturbate when he is not around so that you both will not find yourselves in an uncomfortable situation. If you step brother is sexually mature, then it is totally appropriate to work out a schedule with him for private time in the room as the room is as much his as it is yours.

While it is normal to want to take risks there is a time and a place for everything, and some risks far outweigh any benefits and may actually cause a lot of problems.
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