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Default Re: In love with someone else

I am really grateful to all of you for your nice comments but the problem comes from that I don't even believe he gonna like me again.Like, even if everyone else is telling me that he loves me I won't believe it until he doesn't say it. I don't see a point or a logic him to start just liking me, only because he could fall in love with me so many times and still he didn't do it. So why he would fall in love now? He is so weird as a person and for me it's hard to understand him.I understand that he is going through a lot and that's probably the next reason why I think he wont like me - he just doesn't think about relationship now even though he is telling me that he really wants to finally loses his virginity and etc. Something tells me that this is like destiny, me to fall in love again but in the same time I am like ''he won't ever fall in love with you, stupid''
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