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Default Re: Depressed and angry

Originally Posted by DragonflySphere View Post
At school, there isn't many people for me to hang around with so I turned to an unpopular group within the school and it still isn't working out. While there are a few people who I'd consider my friend. Most of them ignore me/use me but there are about 4 that are just a pain in the arse to me. They constantly push me around, punch and kick me, call me worthlessness and often tell me to go kill myself. Part of me feels as though I want to throw them through a window but I'm not strong enough and I don't have the guts to retaliate or tell somebody. As a result of this, I keep getting pushed further and further into depression. If that isn't bad enough, my dad's girlfriend is a bitch to me, she thinks of me as a guy who sits on their arse and would spend a week in the one spot and at the same time, not pay attention to anybody. I believe it's because we don't have anything in common but she thinks she is always right so I just shut up and put up with her bullcrap. I do feel as though I can't handle all this and my depression and anger levels have risen a lot. What can I do? I just want this over and done with.
I Feel The same way dude In terms of school people seem to like to bully me.
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