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Default In love with someone else

Hi everyone. My story is pretty long but I will try to be short.

So before 2 years I was deeply in love with one classmate who rejected me.before rejecting me we were really good friends and everyone was thinking that he likes me.So he broke my heart, i was suffering but finally i could move on and find a boy who loves me.But now I am in love again with my old crush.Idk how happened.

The truth is that this classmate went through a lot.His mum died before several months, he feels lonely and depressed and before 2 months we started like chatting again and being friends.He even apologised for his behavior and we got closed again.

Now I am in the same situation like before, the others around me think that he is in love with me, I am in love with him but in the same time I know that somehow it's probably impossible. I try to help him but I see that he doesn't even want help.He shares with me his deepest thoughs and dreams.We chat a lot but somehow I am so scared to get close to him again.I feel like trash for being in love with him again.
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