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Originally Posted by jerrion View Post
To deal with bullies at school talk to your teachers , they can help . As for your dads gr i dont know rly maybe try to get in touch somehow... If you feel lonely try to do things that you enjoy and dont really care if people ignore you . try to get friends in school boys or girls whatever , just go talk to them and see how it goes , dont be disappointed just keep looking forward. if you feel like you have nothing to do just start a new exercise like a sport and there might be other people your age there so you can make new friends . sorry i didnt post earlier i hope i helped somehow!
Thanks for replying. I can't really tell the teachers going on what's happened the last few times. The first time somebody was calling me a weak twig so I tripped him and said "Who's the weak one now?" And sadly I got a detention for it even though I explained to the teachers what physical and verbal actions he had done before (He was a bully to me but now that he's realised how much taller I am than him he has half backed off). The second time I was putting up with somebody who was my height but was much stronger and he never liked me. He used to push me into walls, doors, windows and sometimes people as well as make fun of my looks and strength so one day after he pushed me, I turned around and punched him as hard as I could. I ended up getting suspended for a week even though he continued to bully other people (he still bullies me although it's more just verbal than physical). The third time was a bully who seemed to punch/kick me whenever I was in sight. After a couple months of putting up with it I told a teacher who told me to not make up lies about people and to carry on with my work. After telling her I wasn't lying and showing her a bruise I had gotten the previous day, she sent me to the office and got my parents contacted for fusing to listen to a teacher (it was also obvious the teachers talked about it because some of the teachers seemed to dislike me a couple days after). After that I never told a teacher what had happened as I know it'll have the same result because they think I'm a waste of their time even though I try my best and actually do well.

New friends probably aren't a chance because I go to a fairly small school and their is 4 friend groups. One I tried and everybody ignored the fact I was even there. The next don't even like me (don't know why, probably appearance), there is the one I am in now and then there is the last group who find me irritating. I might have to try some sports that go to more distant places because most of the local sports are people in my class. It's definitely worth a shot though.

Getting in touch with my dad's girlfriend may be a chance. I'll have to work out what we both like though. Maybe I could do that over the next few days.

Thanks for your response.
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