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Haha sounds awesome fun, nice Parody!

Well I have one untitled story which is fantasy and mystery.

THen I have one called Fake as Plastic which is nice and angsty. And one called Train Wreck which is angsty gothic fun. Yay!

Hehe =P

テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*Don\'t make my mascara bleed . . .

テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ* テつ*テつ*テつ*.i love you. ___*|x

<3 tasha.
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