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Default Re: Moderator and Administrator Lead Discussions

Originally Posted by Uniquemind View Post
I'll make that commitment too.

I definitely counter rebuttals in ROTW in ways that I feel are appropriate for a debate thread, as you also see in real academic debate clubs at school they are intense.

However for such a thread as I proposed, it would be toned down for more discussion's sake rather than debate.

But Dalcourt's point still stands and I don't know if this can work now.

I still want to try it, better than inaction, to see cause and effect and let it end after a trial period.

But also overworking the mods....perhaps if we have a larger staff in the future we can revisit this idea.

It's not that I make the decision here...if a majority wants threads like that I'm sure Val will make it happen.

I just don't see why an administrator or mod is needed here. I feel this just makes things unnecessarily complicated. Why should there be topics of greater relevance and who should decide which topics are worthy?

In our school's debate group our teachers usually decided on topics worthwhile so should our admin decide which topics she feels are relevant this would be for once be rather authoritrian and second put a lot of pressure on the decision maker.

As a whole nobody is discouraged in any way from creating a thread on a topic they find interesting and as long as other members are interested in this discussion the topic will remain open.
All discussion topics are visible to any member and they can all freely decide whether they want to actively participate. So I understand you want some more lively discussions but I personally don't think it will really work out to the desired effect.
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