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Default Re: Moderator and Administrator Lead Discussions

@Uniquemind I don't really think you understood what I meant. As I said I speak from what I was told by for users. It is not about creating save spaces it is about not being willing to participate since you feel the discussions are to "elitist" sometimes.

Like most of the avid debaters are 18+ years olds this sorta "intimates" some younger members or members with not so deep knowledge on a subject.
As a moderator you would only be able to do something when actual bashing, fightings take place....but I don't really see what else the GD Mods should be able to do to incourage discussions and bring non-debaters to join a debate.

I'm not at all against the idea of bringing more people into debates...quite the contrary. I personally ended my participation in debate threads since I am tired of just seeing the same handful of people there. I really would want new faces to get the whole thing more lively again.
When I joined the forum many years ago there where by far more active discussions and the people and topics were by far more diverse.

And we surely can have topics in debate threads that get kinda stickied so they won't die down so quickly or fall under the bumping rule but if your members aren't willing to actively participate no moderator can keep a trending topic artificially alive.

So I'm all for bringing new life in the debate threads and get new people there but I don't feel we should make it so dependant on mods. Since only GD and Global mods would be able to do this task and I don't feel we should put an extra workload on them.
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