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Default Re: Moderator and Administrator Lead Discussions

Originally Posted by Dalcourt View Post
I don't say it's a bad idea and the concept sounds interesting per se.

Still I feel like @SethfromMI it will just attract the same people as all discussions do.

As we all can agree most of our members are just here for the puberty forums and don't really feel like interacting in other parts of the forums anyway. Just look at the posting patterns.

All discussion threads are clearly visible and open for any member of the site to take part but it's just a handful that really talks in them.

The reasons for this may be various.
First of course as stated above that a great deal of people just wants to hang out in the puberty forums.

Apart from that - and I just speak here from a personal point of view not as a staff member - I feel this forum lacks real diversity and acceptance of different levels of education/ knowledge

I often had private conversations with other members where they said "I would like to talk in the ROTW threads but I am sorta afraid. Certain members expose my lack of in depth knowledge as dumbness and attack me for it. So I have given up posting there."

Not everyone is as deeply involved in political, social or whatever issues still this doesn't mean they cannot have an opinion, however a lot of discussion threads seem so "elitist" to members, that they would even be afraid to state an opinion there since it is seen as silly or irrelevant by the avid debaters.

So if we want interesting discussion topics we would first need to work on this problems or else we would always just end up having the same 5 people discussing we have now.

However, I don't feel like a problem like this can be tackled by a complicated set up of rules or a heavy presence of moderators...It would just require a higher acceptance of different views in all of us to acquire larger crowds in discussion threads and keep such discussions alive.

If we manage this, advertising trending ideas would make sense, otherwise they would be forgotten as soon as every other discussion topic I'm afraid.

Part of that is the nature of debate and a societally taught fear that being wrong is shameful and therefore interpreted as a personal attack on character.

I don't think that's a problem forum culture can fix, I think internally people need to get comfortable with being wrong and yes sharing different points of view, but also reacting in a way that widens their view and doesn't polarize people further.

So it's a balancing act, do you create a safe-space, or do you learn to gain a valuable life skill in learning to admit when you were wrong or maybe it's neutrally be both parties are holding onto valid points of view and that's possible depending on the foundation of their ideology and the life experiences they have as justification for those views.

That's why I said moderator lead discussions.

So where the moderator comes into play, is to recognize when and where to breakup a foundation of clashing ideologies or to reframe a poster's message so as to take the "heat" out of it but get the point across and yet stay on topic.

So yeah that's a huge difference in involvement in the pace of discussion too.


I also don't know if the reason the puberty threads attract the most attention because just the subject matter, or if the regular traffic and posts it gets causes the most eyeballs to go there.

(Aka: a chicken-or-egg came first causation).

If it doesn't work then shut it down.

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