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Originally Posted by Elysium View Post
In theory this sounds great, I'm always for community building, but I'm not entirely understanding the execution. Are you suggesting donating a small section to such "hot topics" (like Gaia does)? Or a thread/announcement? A social group?

How would it be very different from the current threads in VT Daily Chronicle and/or RotW on these topics? In order to do anything with it, there needs to be a very distinct purpose and/or function.

Well to me VT Chronicle tends to be more quick ews highlights, and that thread's structure seems to shutdown or lock threads that get too debate like or as plasma said, "ideological".

ROTW, tends to get too philosophical and so it different and the tolerance of debate is or seems higher there than what I'd want this proposed new forum category to look like.

My intention, is to have a dialogue where every post has to meet some kind of "furthering the dialogue" or analytical approach to whatever article we collectively read and analyze. Like a book club but for news articles, and everyone has a right to state their opinion, but then they have to justify their emotional or logical view.

ROTW also goes off on tangents as well, so what I want is a forum that makes us think, and also stays current and also informs us young people about the transition to adulthood.

The #MeToo movement really opened my eyes to realize how many young people don't comprehend how Non-Disclosure Agreements really go against all the "rights" we learn we have in school.

It'll be a challenge but I think it's worth trying.

It's also great to practice writing skills for school for persuasive discussion.


Upon execution though, I think a select group of at least 6 members need to pledge to frequently view that thread to keep the pace going. Like that's the kind of community devotion we need to make it work.

And as we get older, that part of the forum should accumulate a lot of wise knowledge that can then be referenced for the "help" forums.

I don't know how long you all plan to stick around, but let's as I go to college and get a law degree or engineering or nursing or some
Kind of specialized knowledge.

Overtime that helps the next wave of VT'ers who might benefit from previous discussions.

Also overtime we can measure how far society has come. Are events like MeToo really caused a social shift in 20 years, or will we stagnate?


Moderators getting a long term sense of who likes such in-depth discussions, can send out PM's specifically to trusted VT members asking if they'd like to participate in the discussion.

So yeah polite advertising of big trending threads.

Certainly we all know who likes to engage in such discussions anyway let's minimize the chance they just missed a thread they might enjoy.

You can tell which members frequently LIKE to engage. Hopefully as new members join, momentum can build.

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