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Default Re: Moderator and Administrator Lead Discussions

I like the idea. Making threads that are topical and relevant to teens, and then making them evident and accessible for all members. I like the idea, it could potentially help revive VT, and strengthen the community here. And it wouldn't be that hard to do.

But there are some problems with such. For instance, it would be difficult to moderate this effectively. Some users do not want to discuss topical issues in a tense and often toxic manner like they are in VTDC or ROTW. Other users seem intent on making every single discussion into a ideological sissy fight. Trying to keep this open to all members would require some strict guidelines and moderation on the part of the staff.

That is likely the biggest problem with your idea. I think it could be over-come if there were some precise, strict, and enforced guidelines in place, but that would require a decent amount of effort from nearly all staff members. But I really do like the idea. Needs a bit of planning, but I think it would be great if sometime soon we could get one of these discussions going.
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