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Default Re: Beware of online giys who friend you

Originally Posted by samuel15 View Post
Why? A "guy like this"? Like what? You know he is a creeper wanting to see you naked? Cu ties and contact the police asap
The thing is, He was nice he never pushed me to far and i didn't mind that, I did sever the Contact with him when he asked me to jerk off with him. He was
from polen i Think so no need to call the police.[/QUOTE]

That's debatable bro. What was his age? If he was a teen then I suppose their was no harm in him asking you to jerk off with him. If he is an adult than pretty sure it's illegal to even ask a minor but idk. And i get ya man, you think that it's all done that you will never talk to him again so it's over but he may be grooming some other boy as we speak and if you get him arrested you can help that other kid.
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