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Originally Posted by Kiros72
nVidia makes northbridge chipsets too

And as far as I know SLi works with all games lol. Besides, SLi is more perfected because of the exact similarity of the cards. Crossfire could only work in a few ways.

(1) The different cards share the "processing power" and allow one of the cards to produce an image

(2) The crossfire copied SLi's architecture and concept, except the 'better' of the 2 ATi cards has to drop down to the lower-end card's speed/power, so the image doesn't tear vertically, or have a critical error

(3) And I forgot what the 3rd way was ... I might think of it again later

Anyway, SLi is simple, to the point, and gives 2x the power of one card in a perfect combination of the 2.

btw... Does ATi make northbridges? ô.o I haven't really seen many with them, but I guess that they would have to start now for the crossfire to work correctly.
It's more of 1.5...perhaps maybe on F.E.A.R, it gets 2x...but only because it absolutely rapes any card on full settings...
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