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Most of the time I find it hard to write a story unless it's one I have to do for English. I've attempted to write my own story though, I think I called it "Butterflys..." or something like that. It was supposed to be about some dude who's entire town is burnt down and only him, his sister, and a friend of his servive it. I got to a certian point in it, lost it, and well, yeah.

Then there was this other one I tried making about this kid who finds some kind of weird ore and has the local black smith make him a sword out of it. While at some kind of a town "jambree" the town is like attacked by a bunch of goblins, and the kid goes running to the black smith. Apperently they were after the sword he made from the ore, so the kid picks it up, and some kind of a power comes over him and he kills all the goblins. I never finished this of course too, but what I was really going for was like the kid after killing the goblins goes off and decides to over throw some kind of an evil king that has an unjust grip over the land he lives in. Really a generic romantic story.

Speaking of romantic stories, I wrote a pardoy of one. It was quite funny really. Instead of the main character being a high classed person, he is but a lonely pauper. One day he runs into an obsese mage that only uses his magic to conjure up food, and a girl who I aptly named "Generic Blonde beauty". In the end, they here that a castle is under seige, so they decide for no reason what so ever to go and help. The pauper, needing a weapon asked the mage, "Hey mage, think you could conjure like an ultra cool magical sword for me?", the mage didn't listen, he just conjured up a stale bagette that broke all of his teeth; The pauper used it as a weapon. Yeah... I am teh funny.

Then there was this 10 page story I wrote about this guy rotting in an ally, and a grabage man finding his body; taking a suit case he had on him. After brining it home though, some fucked up things begin to happen, and then I had to end it off really short because it was the last day I could work on it. If I had more time I'd wroten like a 30, hell 40 page story. Sigh...
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