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Well, religion in essence is the belief and having "faith". Something not based on any factual evidence. The only way religion breeds hatred is when a radical comes around, and convinces a group of people that what they preech is just and right. Case and point; The Muslims. Sure, not all Muslims are, "terroist", they are but devout followers; I respect that. But then there are those out there, *cough* Osmama Bin Laden *cough*, who took an entire of young, foolish, and war tattered people, told them that if they killed Americans that they'd be offer enternal salvation and bliss; What kind of an ignorant person pass up an offer like this? Not saying all that follow his cuase are ignorant though. Their foot soliders, and those that do his bidding are the radicals. Radicalism can be seen as ignorance too, becuase they usualy exsibit total devotion to the religion, and do not accept anything else. They phsyce themselves up, and then blindly charge at Americans weilding only a $50 AK-47 and a hatered that fuels them to fight.

It's truly sad.

If we had "weeded" out all of these people 10 years ago, instead of leaving, we would most likely not fighting this war at all right now. But yeah...

People can have faith, and if the faith brings them happyness, then let it give them happyness. The radicals have no faith, only hatered and a false salvation.

... Towl heads... Sigh...
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