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Default Re: Non Self Harm Calendar!

Originally Posted by BeautifulSilence View Post
Question: When we say 'no self harm' are we referring to the obivious cutting, pulling hair, biting etc or everything, including things like restriction and purging?

If so then, it's been 5ish days without cutting but not necessarily SH for me. And I've prob'ly never gone more than 3 days without any at all
I think we mean the obvious(and sometimes less apparent). whilst ED's are really harming yourself, it's not counting, i guess because there isn't really a way to "note" it, ya know?. Carol sent me a couple links showing how nail biting is self harm, we're NOT counting this (good!!)

but i know what you're talking about, if we counted every-single-freakin-thing, i'd never go more than 4 days

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