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Default OCD...or not?

Well, this may sound a little odd, but everytime I open a fridge door I have to hold my breath.

It started because the smell of cheese and everything just made me gag but now...even if the fridge is perfactly clean and empty I still feel the need to hold my breath til the door is closed, OCD, or just a weird quirk?

テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*Don\'t make my mascara bleed . . .

テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ*テつ* テつ*テつ*テつ*.i love you. ___*|x

<3 tasha.
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