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Default Re: GUYS - Where is your favorite place to jack off?

Age: 13
Sexual Orientation: straight but curious. probaby bi, i don't know yet.
Where is your favorite place to jack off? my FAVORITE place so far is on the couch (the one with the flod out foot thing that tilts back... but i've only ever masturbated there a few times (the house is almost never empty). my most common place is the bed.
Why here?
it's comfy, and also, i like just being naked and doing things like that in somewhere else but my room. it's a good change. there's almost always someone else in the house, bu when i'm the only one, i always take the opportunity to 'use' the couch)
i also like going outside to do it.
Have you ever been caught?
in that particular spot or in general? in general, i've been caught about 5 or 6 times, but in that spot, i've been caught once....

If yes, by who? What happened?
when i was 11 i had just descovered masturbation, and the first time i was alone in the house, i put on a dvd with all my faavorite porn, and did my thing, but before i cleaned it up or anything, i must have been really tired, because for some reason i fell asleep. this was the most embarrasing time i've been caught. when my parents came home, they found me not only naked on heir expensive couch, but with my 'stuff' on me (and a bit on the couch), still holding my thing, and with porn on the tv.
that's why i hardly ever use that couch for masturbation any more. it must be evil.

Where is somewhere that you would like to jack off that you haven't before?
4 places. 1: playboy mansion 2: a hammock 3: the beach
4: a friends house
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